Employers & Agents

Select POS Plans

Employers and Agents who are looking for cost effective coverage with greater flexibility than our traditional Total Health Care plan, should consider Total Health Care Select.  Select is a Point of Service Plan (POS) that combines the comprehensive benefits of our HMO plan with the flexibility of a POS plan.  The plan eliminates the need for referrals and allows members to choose a provider at the time of service.   Select members can seek medical treatment from within the Total Health Care network at a lower cost.  The PPOM (Cofinity) and Out-of-Network options allow members the ability to see any provider, but at a greater out of pocket cost.

Are You A Small Group Or Large Group?

Small Groups

50 or fewer contracts. Total Health Care USA has pre-packaged and priced benefit plans form commercial groups with anticipated enrollment of 50 or fewer contracts.

Large Groups

50 or more contracts. Commercial groups with anticipated enrollment of 50 or more contracts may select one of the pre-packaged plans, or reconfigure a benefit option to create an “employer specific” plan. One of our Account Executives will consult with the employer or agent-of-record, to tailor a benefit plan that complies with Michigan’s Office of Financial and Insurance Services regulations, and is within the administrative capabilities of Total Health Care.