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Medicaid Formularies – Updated as of 09/02/2021

A formulary is a list of guidelines for coverage of drugs and other products through Total Health Care.

Note: Effective 7/01/2016, THC has transitioned to Michigan’s Common Drug Formulary. For further information, click here

Approved Drug List Changes

Exception Requests

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Please include Member Name, Member ID, Member Phone #, Drug Name, Prescribing Doctor’s Name, Prescribing Doctor’s Phone # and Exception Request Information.

Total Health Care Member Information

Pharmacy Benefit Information

Members may obtain the following information through Elixir:

  • Determine their pharmacy benefit financial responsibility
  • Order a refill for an existing mail order prescription (Applies only to Commercial, 3 – Tier & Qualified Health Plan Drug Formularies)
  • Locate an in-network pharmacy
  • Conduct a pharmacy proximity search based on zip code
  • Provide information on drug-drug interactions
  • Provide information on common side effects and risks of a drug
  • Provide information on generic alternatives