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Approved Drug Lists – Updated as of 09/02/2021

Below are approved drug lists by benefit plan:

Qualified Health Plan – Includes, Individuals & Families, and SHOP



Approved Drug List Changes

Exception Requests

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Please include Member Name, Member ID, Member Phone #, Drug Name, Prescribing Doctor’s Name, Prescribing Doctor’s Phone # and Exception Request Information.

Total Health Care Member Information

Pharmacy Benefit Information

Members may obtain the following information through Elixir:


  • Determine their pharmacy benefit financial responsibility
  • Order a refill for an existing mail order prescription (Applies only to Commercial, 3 – Tier & Qualified Health Plan Approved Drug Lists)
  • Locate an in-network pharmacy
  • Conduct a pharmacy proximity search based on zip code
  • Provide information on drug-drug interactions
  • Provide information on common side effects and risks of a drug
  • Provide information on generic alternatives

Mail Order Form (Commercial, 3 – Tier & Qualified Health Plan Approved Drug Lists)

Total Health Care offers a ninety (90) day prescription mail delivery service for certain maintenance medications through a mail order program administered by Elixir’s affiliate company, Elixir Mail.

Mail delivery order forms are available by clicking here, or at (registration is necessary) or by calling the Pharmacy Department at 1-800-826-2862, extension 3617.