Become A Total Provider

Total Physicians, Hospitals & Others

If you would like to become a participating THC provider, we make it simple!


Please complete the Credentialing Form and fax to 586-461-2525. 

THC contracts with:

  • Individual Providers
  • Physician Organizations / Physician Hospital Organizations, including:
    • Beaumont
    • DMC PHO
    • Medical Network One
    • Oakwood ACO
    • Oakland Southfield Physicians (OSP)
    • Oakland Physician Network Services (OPNS)
    • Olympia 
    • Professional Medical Corporation 
    • St. John Providence Partners in Care
    • United Physicians
    • Wayne State University Physicians Group

Ancillary Providers

  • Ambulatory Surgical Centers (where the attending physicians are contracted and credentialed)
  • Dialysis centers
  • Free-standing Diagnostic / Radiology Centers
  • Free-standing physical therapy and rehabilitation sites
  • Home Care 
  • Hospitals
  • Skilled Nursing Facilities
  • Urgent Care Centers

Credentialing Process

Total Physicians, Hospitals & Others

Upon completing the contracting process, all providers must undergo the Credentialing Process.  THC Credentials its providers using CAQH.


Providers have the right to review credentialing information obtained from outside sources (e.g., malpractice insurance carriers, state licensing boards, board certification) that THC uses to support our credentialing decision (peer reviewed information is excluded).  If information received varies substantially from the information provided on the application, THC may request practitioner for a clarification or to amend erroneous information.  Practitioner must submit corrections in writing within 5 days from receipt of request.


A practitioner may request the status of his/her application at any time.  A THC staff member will provide any outstanding primary source verification and the approximate date when the application will be presented to the Credentialing Committee either by telephone or written correspondence.


Contact Provider Credentialing at 313-293-6433 for a status on your credentialing application.