Office Closing Early – 01/25/2022

Please be advised that the Total Health Care Office will be closing early this Tuesday (01/25/2022) at 3:30pm (EST)


The resources you need to manage your clients is just a click away.

The Perfect Plan for Every Portfolio

Regardless of the size of their budget, everyone wants to get the most out of every health care dollar they spend. And you can help them do that when you offer Total Health Care USA plans in your portfolio. No other health care plan offers your group and individual clients more benefits for their money than we do.

Individual Sales – Commissions

To be eligible for commissions on individual business, enrollments must be completed through the Marketplace. Coming Soon: Off Marketplace enrollments through Total Health Care web site – watch for updates soon


Your clients get more benefits for the money. And you don’t miss out on the opportunity to provide cost effective plans to your clients. You get prompt, personal, comprehensive service. Become a Total Health Care USA agent, and see what it means to have a health plan that’s totally there for you.

If you have any questions about the appointment process, please email us at

If you are already appointed to offer THC group plans and would like to offer individual plans, you are required to complete a new agent agreement. Please click “Get Appointed to THC” link below.

Get Appointed to THC

More Benefits. Less Money.

With thousands of health care practitioners and 28 hospitals in our network, Total Health Care USA providers are everywhere your clients want us to be. But it’s not just where we are that makes our members love us. It’s the value-added benefits we provide. Benefits like…

Total Health Care Benefit Plan Summaries.

Please click on the link to Total Health Care’s current benefit summaries


The health care industry is constantly evolving. Stay in the know about the latest happenings at Total Health Care USA and beyond.

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